Friday, November 16, 2007

Chuck Rainey....Bassman Extraordinaire!

BluePower takes great pride in it's collection of interviews with musicians who have contributed to the "hit-making" process. We have worked hard to bring our listeners the best players and artists available in our genre in the hope that we can influence a new crop of remarkable players.

Today....BluePower presents Parts One & Two of an interview with one of the finest bass players in the world. A man who has played on over 1000 sessions during his brilliant career. This gentleman is Chuck Rainey. A man who traveled the world making the music to which we listen every day. The music of our lives.

Chuck Rainey is completely at home in the recording studio and able to play any music presented to him whether it be written or otherwise. As Chuck says, " Sometimes the best sessions were "head" sessions. There was nothing written and we had to figure the parts out for ourselves."

Tune in as Chuck Rainey speaks of the artists with whom he has recorded and how they worked in the studio. Their attitudes and a lot of great inside information that could possibly help one if he or she were interested in a recording career.

Stay Tuned....
John Rhys/

The music for Part One:

1)...."Harlem Nocture"....Zenzile
2)...."Josie"....Steely Dan
3)...."Border Song"....Aretha Franklin
4)...."Just A Kiss Away"....Allen Toussaint
5)...."Watch What Happens"....Gabor Szabo, Lena Horne, Gary McFarland
6)...."Kid Charlemagne"....Steely Dan

The music for Part Two:

1)...."What A Wonderful World"....Louis Armstrong
2)...."Give Peace A Chance"....Louis Armstrong
3)...."I Was Made To Love Her"....Stevie Wonder
4)...."Dancin' Machine"....The Jackson Five

Click here to listen to....Chuck Rainey....Bassman Extraordinaire! (Part One)

Click here to listen to....Chuck Rainey....Bassman Extraordinaire! (Part Two)

Click here to go to Chuck Rainey's personal web site.


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