Thursday, February 3, 2011

BluePower CD Review....K.K. Martin....Naked Blues Volume 2!

K.K. Martin is one of America's true, blues traditional players. Born in West Monroe, Louisiana, K.K. began touring with his parents band at age ten. I have often heard K.K. speak of his Grandmother and her playing ability. I guess it just runs in the family.

The man plays as clean as anyone I know but in this latest CD, K.K. runs the gamut of bone-chilling voices. Just listen to "Alligator Wine". His performance on that song ranks with any blues performance I have heard lately. K.K.'s vocal chops have got to make you smile.

BluePower is going to see if K.K. would like to come to our studio and do a live show. I'm sure there are many folks who would like to hear K.K. speak of his roots, his guitars and choices of material.

K.K. will be featured on May 15th at The Real Blues Festival of Orange County and will be held at The Olde Ship British Pub and Restaurant at 1120 West 17th Street in Santa Ana, California.

If you are a lover of the blues you must come to see K.K. Martin at The Real Blues Festival of Orange County.

I hope to see you there....
John Rhys/

Here's the music:

1)...."Parrish Ragg"....K.K. Martin....Naked Blues Volume 2
2)...."Alligator Wine"....K.K. Martin....Naked Blues Volume 2
3)...."Slow Motion Daddy"....K.K. Martin....Naked Blues Volume 2
4)...."Your Lonesome Road"....K.K. Martin....Naked Blues Volume 2
5)...."Gin Soaked Boy"....K.K. Martin....Naked Blues Volume 2

Click here to listen to K.K. Martin....Naked Blues Volume 2!

Click here to go to K.K. Martin's ReverbNation website!


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