Friday, February 25, 2011

KK Martin....Live From BluePower!

It is always a pleasure to have great players come to my abode and I was thrilled that K.K. Martin had agreed to make the long trek from Orange County to our studio in Van Nuys.

We sat in front of the fireplace with our coffee and cigarettes and KK just started playing which is the way I like to begin. The result is a completely "live" recording with no editing involved. Also the way I like to do things.

Once again, BluePower delivers real spontaneity and the superb performance of a very talented Blues musician, Mr. K.K. Martin.

Here's the music:

1)...."Alligator Wine"....K.K. Martin Live
2)...."The Parrish Ragg"....K.K. Martin Live
3)...."Slow Motion Daddy"....K.K. Martin Live

Click here to listen to....K.K. Martin Live at BluePower!

Check out K.K. Martin and The Roadside Revelers!

This You Tube performance was shot on an iPhone by someone in the audience. Every once in a while a brilliant performance is captured in this way.


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