Monday, August 6, 2007

Young Guitar Wizards "Live" At The Knitting Factory!

Can you realize that having played guitar for over fifty years, I do not take it lightly that today, I was shredded by a twelve and thirteen year old pair of young gentlemen? These kids can't even drive or drink, much less get into the joints in which honed my skills. You know....smoke filled bars.

Here's the news.....!

On August 9th. at 8 PM, Heart Of Gold Entertainment is presenting a marvelous Charity event at the Knitting Factory on Hollywood Boulevard, featuring young guitar burners from across the globe.

If you even think you're a player, you owe it to yourself to see these young men in action. It's a cathartic experience believe me.

Today's BluePower show features Mr. Grant Austin Taylor who resides in Norfolk, Virginia and Mr. Fredrik Strand Halland of Bergen, Norway. Grant is twelve and Fredrik is thirteen. Both young men are building strong fan bases and they feature some mighty strong playing on their individual sites on YouTube. Check them out.

Here is the line-up for Thursday evening at The Knitting Factory:

Eliott Janz
Chris Iorio

Grant Austin Taylor

Fredrik Strand Halland

Here's the music today:

1)...."We Walk Alone"....Grant Austin Taylor
2)...."Life Is A Gamble"....Fredrik Strand Halland

3)...."That's The Way Life Goes"....Grant Austin Taylor

4)...."Beautiful Day"....Fredrik Strand Halland

There will also be some "special" guests whose name we are not privy to divulge at this time.

This show is a charity event and the proceeds over and above costs and expenses will be divided among the players themselves to be donated to their favorite charity.

Click here to listen to Young Guitar Wizards "Live" At The Knitting Factory!

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Click here to go to the website of Grant Austin Taylor!