Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Steve Trovato....Teacher And Country Jazzmaster!

Steve Altman and I traveled to Pasadena one morning a couple of weeks ago to meet and visit with one phenomenal musician and guitarist, Mr. Steve Trovato.

We apperared at Steve's residence at ten o'clock in the morning with full intentions of asking this man to play. Now ten o'clock is pretty damned early to ask anyone to play and Steve Altman and I were totally amazed at what we saw and heard.

Steve Trovato is precisely the type of musician we need on Guitar Speak and BluePower. A man who takes no prisoners musically or otherwise. His playing is so precise and his concentration so intense that I felt absolutely privileged being in the presence of someone so gifted. Later I found that though the word "gifted" can be considered, it is by no means the reason Mr. Trovato plays as he does. He's from the old school and learned the hard way. Just as you can and should. There is no substitute for practice.

Click the video link to see and hear Steve Trovato tell our Guitar Speak audience how he attained his chops and how he keeps up-grading his playing ability every day.

This is another must-see contribution to the guitar world provided by BluePower.com.

Live and Learn/John Rhys

Click here to watch....Steve Trovato....Teacher And Country Jazzmaster!

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