Friday, May 27, 2011

Eric Gales....Back In Charge!

For years, I have known of this phenomenal player. This man, originally touted as a child prodigy, has run the gamut of life and survived. In fact, he has come through to the other side a much more complete human being and artist than before.

You may, or may not have ever heard the name Eric Gales, but be assured, you will from this point forward.

The guitar has been my life since I was 13 years old and I have struggled to play decently throughout my long life. I have therefore, assimilated and watched as many great players as possible from Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton to Les Paul and Django Reinhardt. Not forgetting Jimi Hendrix and the gamut of the 70s and 80s players. Yessiree....I've learned a lot from them all. But the other afternoon when I sat down with Eric Gales, I learned a great deal more than I anticipated. I learned that a man can go through all manner of hard times and still come out a winner and, in my book, Eric Gales is a champion. Not only as a truly gifted player but most importantly, a kind-hearted, human being.

As Eric says, "All I know is music. I need all the help I can get in every other aspect of my life." An honest man for sure.

When I asked Eric if I should mention his problems with the law, he said, "No problem. I'm not ashamed that I made a mistake and it cost me time. Now I try to encourage young folks to stay away from drugs and to build on short goals for lifetime success."

This interview gives insight to a man who won and lost a whole lot early in life. A man whose guitar style is beyond strange and because it is completely backwards, develops some of the most beautiful chord structures and melodic harmonies this reporter has ever heard.

Don't get me wrong here. This man can not only deliver pieces of sheer beauty but can shred most players I have ever heard. He is totally unique in his realm and he is now....back in charge of his life. So if you think you're hot, check out Eric Gales. Then listen and learn from a master.

John Rhys/

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